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part of speech: verb intransitive

Second pers. pres. indic. sing. of the verb be: used only in solemn or poetic style.

part of speech: noun

Practical skill guided by rules: the rules and methods of doing certain actions: a profession or trade: contrivance: skill: cunning: artifice.

part of speech: noun

The use of means to the accomplishment of some end; music, painting, sculpture, or literature, or the practice of one of them; practical skill; knack; cunning.

part of speech: verb

The 2d sing. of the pres. tense of am.

part of speech: noun

Anything done by human skill- the opposite of nature; knowledge applied to the uses of everyday life- the opposite of science; a trade; skill; cunning.

part of speech: noun

2d pers. sing. Of the present tense of the verb to be.

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