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Definitions of article:

part of speech: verb transitive

To bind by written agreement, as an apprentice.

part of speech: verb transitive

To draw up or bind by articles.

part of speech: noun

A single clause, item, or particular, as in a contract or treaty; a prose composition, complete in itself, in a newspaper, magazine, or work of reference; as, an article on peace; a material thing, as one of a class; as, an article of clothing; an item; any of the words a, an, and the used before nouns and substantives to define or limit their application.

part of speech: noun

A clause or item; a particular thing; a contribution in a periodical; in gram., a word put before a noun to point it out and limit its application.

part of speech: verb

To bind by conditions; to stipulate.

part of speech: noun

A separate element, member, or part of anything: a particular substance: a single clause, or term: ( gram.) one of the particles, an or a and the.

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