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part of speech: noun

An instrument for weighing, usually formed of two dishes or scales hanging from a beam supported in the middle: act of weighing two things: equality or just proportion of weight or power, as the balance of power: the sum required to make the two sides of an account equal, hence the surplus, or the sum due on an account: also the remainder of anything; as, the " balance of the party stayed." ( Amer.).

part of speech: verb

To make equal; to settle; to regulate and adjust; to have equal weight, power, or influence; to hesitate.

part of speech: noun

To weigh in a balance: to counterpoise: to compare: to settle, as an account.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To have equal weight or power, etc.: to hesitate or fluctuate.

part of speech: noun

A pair of scales for weighing; a steelyard; the act of weighing or estimating mentally; equal poise of any opposing forces; especially, mental poise; steadiness of mind; sanity; an equality between the totals of two sides of an account; the excess shown on either side; the sum or weight necessary to make two unequal sums or weights equal; a movement in dancing.

part of speech: noun

A pair of scales; part of a watch; equality of weights, power, or force; the difference between the debtor and creditor side of an account; overplus; a sign of the zodiac; the sum due on an account.

part of speech: verb transitive

To weigh by means of a balance; weigh by means of the mind; hence, to compare, estimate, etc.; to set off, as one thing against another; to equal or make equal; to find out the difference between the debits and credits of, or to bring about an equality between; as, to balance an account.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To be of equal weight, force, or amount; in dancing, to move to and fro.

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