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part of speech: noun

A four- winged insect that makes honey.

part of speech: noun

An insect which stores up the pollen of flowers for food, or which makes honey and wax; the honey- bee kept in hives for the sake of its honey and wax; an industrious person; a social meeting of neighbors for some purpose; as, a spelling bee, a quilting bee, or a husking bee.

part of speech: noun

An assemblage of people, generally neighbors, to unite their labors for the benefit of one individual or family. At such meetings dancing and much merriment are usually introduced at the breaking up. ( Amer.).

part of speech: noun

An insect that makes honey and wax; an industrious and careful person.

part of speech: noun

BEE- LINE, the most direct road from one point to another, like the honey- laden bee's way home to the hive.

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