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part of speech: verb intransitive

To shoot or catch birds.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To catch or snare birds.

part of speech: noun

A warm- blooded, feathered, egg- laying animal, with wings; any small bird shot by a gunner, as distinguished from a waterfowl.

part of speech: noun

A feathered animal; a chicken; a young fowl.

part of speech: verb

To catch birds. bird- bolt, a small arrow : bird's- eye, seen at a glance; seen from a great height, as by a bird; a plant; a variety of cut tobacco : bird- cage, an enclosure of wire or wicker work for the confinement of birds : bird- catcher, one whose employment it is to snare birds : bird- like, resembling a bird : bird- lime, any glutinous or sticky substance spread upon twigs for catching birds : bird- limed, spread to ensure : bird- willed, flighty; incapable of sustained attention : bird's- eye limestone, a member of the lower silurian of N. Amer., so named from the dark circular markings studding many portions of its mass : bird- tongues, a familiar term for fossil shark's teeth : bird's- eye maple, curled maple, a species of wood used in cabinet- work.

part of speech: noun

A general name for feathered animals.

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