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Definitions of board:

part of speech: verb intransitive

To receive food or take meals.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To be supplied with meals, or obtain food and lodging, at a fixed charge.

part of speech: verb

To cover with flat pieces of wood; to enter a ship by force; to furnish with food and lodging for a price.

part of speech: verb transitive

To cover with flat timbers; furnish with food, or food and lodging, in return for money; to cause to be lodged and fed, as a horse at a stable; go on ( a ship) or enter ( a train).

part of speech: noun

A broad and thin strip of timber: a table to put food on: food: a table round which persons meet for some kind of business: any council or authorized body of men, as a school board: the deck of a ship. - ON BOARD, in U. S., same as ABROAD.

part of speech: noun

A slab, or flat piece of wood sawn from a log; a table; food or diet; a council, or meeting of managers convened for business; the deck of a ship.

part of speech: noun

A piece of timber sawed thin, and much broader and longer than it is thick; a table for food; provision of meals, usually given for pay; entertainment, in the sense of food and shelter; a number of persons elected to the management of some public or private office or trust; a thin, usually folding, square on which a game is played; as, a checkerboard; pasteboard; one of the two stiff covers of a book; the side of a ship; as, overboard.

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