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Definitions of care:

part of speech: verb intransitive

To be anxious; be concerned or interested; to desire or wish; to have a fondness; with for.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To be anxious: to be inclined: to have regard.

part of speech: noun

Concern; uneasiness of mind; anxiety; a burdensome responsibility; caution; charge; attention; watchfulness; an object of attention and regard.

part of speech: noun

Thoughtful attention; uncasiness of mind; concern; regard; charge.

part of speech: verb

To be anxious or uneasy in mind; to heed or regard.

part of speech: noun

Anxiety, heedfulness: charge, oversight: the object of anxiety.

Usage examples for care:

  • I don't care about myself. "Redemption and Two Other Plays", Leo Tolstoy
  • You mean that you do not care what she is now. "Emerson's Wife and Other Western Stories Emerson's Wife -- Colonel Kate's Protégée -- The Kid of Apache Teju -- A Blaze on Pard Huff -- How Colonel Kate Won Her Spurs -- Hollyhocks -- The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Johnson Sides -- A Piece of Wreckag", Florence Finch Kelly
  • Then I will take care it shall be. "The Billow and the Rock", Harriet Martineau
  • Cooley, why should I care "John Marsh's Millions", Charles Klein Arthur Hornblow
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