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Definitions of carry:

part of speech: verb transitive

To convey or bear: to lead or transport: to effect: to behave or demean.

part of speech: past tense, past participle


part of speech: verb

To bear; to convey; to effect or accomplish; to lead or draw; to produce; to transact or conduct; in mil., to obtain possession of a military position by force.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To reach a distant point; as, his voice carries well; carry on, in the World War, to keep on; to bear up under difficulties and continue; to resume.

part of speech: present participle


part of speech: verb intransitive

To convey or propel as a gun:- pr. p. carrying; pa. p. carried.

part of speech: verb transitive

To convey from one point to another; bear; to gain possession of by force; as, to carry a fort; lead; transfer; accomplish; extend; have in charge or conduct; as, to carry on business; to bear ( one- self); to secure the passage of, as a bill or motion; to sustain; to bear the burden of.

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