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part of speech: verb transitive

To restrain; stop; reprove; to examine by comparison, or mark as having been examined or verified; in chess, to put ( a king) in danger; to mark in small squares.

part of speech: noun

A term in chess when one party obliges the other either to move or guard his king: anything that checks: a sudden stop: in B., a rebuke.

part of speech: noun

A restraint; a reproof; a pass, ticket, or token; a pattern woven in alternate squares; an order on a bank for money; in chess, a word signifying an attack on the king; a setback; a mark signifying that something has been examined or verifled.

part of speech: noun

Stop; restraint; continued restraint; curb; that which stops or controls; a term in chess; a pass, ticket, or token; cloth woven in squares of different colours.

part of speech: verb

To stop; to restrain; to moderate; to chide or reprove; to control; to compare and examine papers or accounts to ascertain their accuracy.

part of speech: verb transitive

To bring to a stand: to restrain or hinder: to rebuke.

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