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Definitions of deep:

part of speech: noun

That which extends far downward; a great body of water; an abyss; the culmination; as, the deep of night.

part of speech: adjective

Extending far below the surface; as, a deep well; extending far back; as, a deep, lot; penetrating; sagacious; profound; difficult to understand; as philosophy is a deep subject; absorbed; grave in tone, or low in pitch; intense; heavy; as, a deep sleep; strongly colored.

part of speech: adjective

Being far below the surface; extending far downwards; low in situation, as a valley; not shallow; hidden; secret; penetrating; artful; insidious; grave in sound; low; solemn; profound; abstruse; thick; dark- coloured; profoundly quiet; depressed; sunk low; heartfelt; affecting.

part of speech: noun

The sea; the ocean; that which is not easily fathomed.

part of speech: noun


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