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part of speech: noun

Festuca patula, a kind of grass which grows in Tripoli and Tunis, and is largely imported for paper making.

part of speech: noun

A common prefix which, with its forms di and dif, denotes, not; the opposite of; contrary state; asunder or a part; a parting from,- sometimes dis simply acts as an intensive particle; dis signifies two, as in dis- syllable.

part of speech: noun

A name sometimes given to the god Pluto, the god of the lower world.

Usage examples for dis:

  • Tell ye dis do'h! "Our World, or, The Slaveholders Daughter", F. Colburn Adams
  • An' den likewise an' mo'oveh, here's de triflin' matteh o' dis letteh. "John March, Southerner", George W. Cable
  • Everybody kan't handle dis team. "Watch Yourself Go By", Al. G. Field
  • Brer Rabbit year dis en he stop en lissen. "Nights With Uncle Remus", Joel Chandler Harris
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