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Definitions of door:

part of speech: noun

The usual entrance into a house or into a room: the wooden frame on hinges closing up the entrance: a means of approach or access.

part of speech: noun

An opening into a house or other building, or into a room or closet of a house; the movable frame of wood which closes an entrance; within doors, in the house; without doors, out of the house; to lie at the door, to be imputable or chargeable to one; next door to, bordering on; near to.

part of speech: noun

A gate or entrance; a movable barrier, sliding or swinging on hinges, which opens and closes to allow or prevent entrance to a house, room, etc.

Usage examples for door:

  • She put her head in at the door "Judith of the Cumberlands", Alice MacGowan
  • He came to the door "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard
  • They're next door to Orede. "This World Is Taboo", Murray Leinster
  • First door to the left, sir! "A Duet", A. Conan Doyle
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