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Definitions of effect:

part of speech: noun

Result; purpose; impression.

part of speech: verb transitive

To produce as a cause, consequence, or result; accomplish; bring about.

part of speech: noun

Result or consequence of a cause or agent; consequence; result; impression produced by certain combinations, as in a picture.

part of speech: verb

To produce; to bring to pass; to accomplish.

part of speech: noun

That which is produced by an operating agent or cause: the result or consequence of the application of a cause or of the action of an agent on some subject: consequence: result: as, the effect of luxury, of intemperance, of cold, etc.: he spoke with great effect: the effect of this war was the breaking up of the kingdom. " Effect is the substance produced, or simple idea introduced into any subject by the exerting of power."- Locke. Power to- produce consequences or results: force: validity: importance: account: as, the obligation is void and of no effect. " Christ is become of no effect to you."- Gal. v. 4. Purport: tenor: import or general intent: as, he made the purchase for his friend, and immediately wrote him to that effect: his speech was to the effect that, etc.: completion: perfection. " Not so worthily to be brought to heroical effect by fortune or necessity."- Sir P. Sidney. Reality: not mere appearance: fact: substance. " No other in effect than what it seems."- Denham. " To say of a celebrated piece that there are faults in it, is, in effect, to say the author is a man."- Addison. The impression produced on the mind, as by natural scenery, a picture, musical composition, or other work or art, by the object as a whole, before its details are examined: the ensemble or general result of all the qualities of a work of art. " The effect was heightened by the wild and lonely nature of the place."- W. Irving. ( pl.) Goods: movables: personal estate: as, the people escaped from the iown with their effects.

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