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A brilliant light, the result of heat produced by the force of electricity either evoked by the chemical reaction of a metal and an acid, or generated by a magneto- electric or other machine. The arc light is produced when two carbon pencils are attached to the electrodes of a powerful magneto- electric machine or galvanic battery, and their points are brought together long enough to establish the electric current. If they are then separated to a small distance, varying according to the strength of the current, the current will continue to flow, leaping across from carbon to carbon, emitting a light of great intensity at the space between the points. The name Voltaic or electric arc is given to that portion where the current leaps across from point to point, the term arc being suggested by the curved form which the current here takes. The incandescence light is obtained by the incandescence, by means of electricity, of various substances, including carbon, in a vacuum. Many forms of apparatus are in use for producing the electric light, distinguished either by the form of the generating machine, the distribution of the current, or the kind of burner. In the Jablochkoff lights, the burner consists of a pair of carbon spindles placed parallel to one another, with an insulating earthy substance between them. Its combustion may be roughly compared to that of an ordinary candle, where the earthy substance takes the place of the wick. Other forms of the " candle" burners are in use, such as the Lontin, the Jamin, etc. The Maxim, Edison, and Swan lights proceed from an incandescent filament of carbon in a more or less perfect vacuum.

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