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part of speech: noun

The act of expecting or looking forward to an event as about to happen; as, " The same weakness of mind which indulges absurd expectations, produces petulance in disappointment."- Irving; the state of being expected or looked for; the state of being awaited; " Our preparation stands in expectation."- Shak.: that which is expected; the object of expectation; the expected Messiah; prospect of future good, as of possessions, wealth, and the like- usually in the plural; " My soul, wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from him."- Ps. ixii. 5; " His magnificent expectations made him ... the best match in Europe."- Prescott: a state or qualities in a person which excite expectations in others of some future excellence; promise; " By all men's eyes a youth of expectation."- Otway: in med. the method of leaving a disease to the efforts of nature; or of waiting for farther development before treating it actively: the value of any prospect of prize or property depending upon the happening of some uncertain event, a sum of money in expectation upon a certain event having a determinate value before that event happens; if the chances of receiving or not receiving a hundred pounds when an event arrives are equal, then before the arrival of the event the expectation is worth half the money.

part of speech: noun

The act of looking forward to; anticipation; prospect of future advancement.

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