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part of speech: noun

The act of extending or stretching: the state of being extended; enlargement; expansion: in physics and metaph. that property of a body by which it occupies a portion of space; extension is an essential as well as a general property of matter, for it is impossible to form a conception of matter, however minute may be the particle, without connecting with it the idea of its having a certain bulk and occupying a certain quantity of space; every body, however small, must have length, breadth, and thickness- that is, it must possess the property of extension; figure or form is the result of extension, for we cannot conceive that a body has length, breadth, and thickness, without its having some kind of figure, however irregular: in surg. the act of pulling the broken part of a limb in a direction from the trunk, in order to bring the ends of the bone into their natural situation: in comm. a written engagement on the part of a creditor, allowing a debtor further time to pay a debt: in logic, the extent of the application of a general term, that is, the objects collectively which are included under it; sphere; compass; thus, the word figure is more extensive than triangle, circle, parallelogram, etc.; European more extensive than French, Frenchman, German, etc. Matter and mind are the most extensive terms of which any definite conception can be formed.

part of speech: noun

The act of enlarging or stretching out; enlargement; an essential property of bodies, because they must occupy a part of space however small.

part of speech: noun

The act of reaching or stretching out; the state of being lengthened; enlargement.

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