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part of speech: adjective

Polished to the highest degree of excellence; complete; perfect; as, a finished poem, a finished education. " The keen observation and ironical pleasantry of a finished man of the world."- Macaulay. " There are two great and separate senses in which we call a thing finished. One, which refers to the mere neatness and completeness of the actual work, as we speak of a well- finished knife- handle or ivory toy; and secondly, a sense which refers to the effect produced by the thing done, as we call a picture well- finished, if it is so full in its details as to produce the effect of reality."- Ruskin.

part of speech: adjective

Complete; perfect in the highest degree.

part of speech: participial adjective

Complete; perfect; as, a finished poem; of superior excellence or quality; carefully elaborated.

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