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part of speech: noun plural

Cannon, rifles, & c.; fire- ball, a meteor resembling a ball of fire passing rapidly through the air; fire- blast, a disease to which the hop- plant is much exposed; fire- box, in a locomotive engine, the box in which the fire is placed; firebrand, a piece of burning wood; an incendiary; one who provokes quarrels; fire- brick and fire- clay, so called from their power of resisting the wasting effects of fire; fire- brigade, an organised body of men for extinguishing conflagrations in towns; fire- damp, the inflammable gas which gathers in coal- mines; fire- eater, one who pretends to eat fire; a fighting character; fire- engine, a machine for throwing water to extinguish fire; fire- escape, an apparatus for the escape of persons from the upper flats or floors of buildings when the lower are on fire; firefly, a name given to those insects which have the property of emitting a luminous secretion; fire- guard, a wire fencing in front of a fireplace; fire- irons, the poker, shovel, and tongs.

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