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part of speech: verb intransitive

To rest; to settle or remain permanently; to cease from wandering; to become firm, so as to resist volatilization; to cease to flow or be fluid; to congeal; to become hard and malleable, as a metallic substance; " The quick silver will fix and run no more."- Bacon.

part of speech: noun

Colloquially, an awkward situation; a dilemma.

part of speech: verb

To attach firmly; to fasten; to make immovable; to settle; to appoint; to establish; to become firm or solid.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To become solid or firm; become stable.

part of speech: verb transitive

To make stable, firm, or fast; to set or place permanently; to establish firmly or immovably; to establish; as, the universe is governed by fixed laws; the prince fixed his residence at York; some men have no fixed opinions; to make fast; to fasten; to attach firmly; as, to fix a cord or line to a hook; to direct steadily, as the eye, the mind, the attention, etc., without allowing it to wander; to fasten; as, the gentleman fixed his eyes on the speaker; to make solid; to congeal; to deprive of volatility; to stop or keep from moving; in popular use, in America, to put in order; to prepare; to arrange or manage; to adjust; to set or place in the manner desired or most suitable; as, to fix clothes or dress; to fix the furniture of a room; thus, to fix the hair, the table, the fire, etc., is to dress the hair, lay the table, make up the fire, and so on. " Dampier has fix apparently in the New England sense. 'We went ashore and dried our cloaths, cleaned our guns, dried our ammunition, and fixt ourselves against our enemies if we should be attached. '"- G. P. Marsh.

part of speech: noun

A condition; predicament; difficulty; dilemma.

part of speech: verb transitive

To make fast, secure, or stable; set or place permanently; adjust; colloquially, to put to rights or repair; hold firmly; as, to fix the attention of an audience.

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