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Definitions of flesh:

part of speech: noun

The soft substance which covers the bones of animals; animal food; the bodies of beasts and birds, not fish; the body, not the soul; animals or animal nature; mankind; bodily appetites; the present life; the soft substance of fruit; the part of a fruit fit to be eaten.

part of speech: noun

That part of an animal body beneath the skin, composed of soft muscular tissue; animal food; pulp of fruit, etc.; the body: opposite to soul; human nature or race; present life; kindred.

part of speech: noun

That part of an animal underlying the skin or covering, as distinguished from the bones and fluids; the body, as distinguished from the soul; human nature; carnal state; sensual appetite; kindred; family.

part of speech: adjective

Of or like flesh, as flesh- coloured, & c.

part of speech: verb transitive

To train to an appetite for flesh, as dogs for hunting; to accustom; to glut; to use upon flesh, as a sword, esp. for the first time.

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