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part of speech: noun

In bot. the leafing of plants; vernation; the disposition of the nescent leaves within the bud; the act of beating a metal into a thin plate, leaf, or foil; the act or operation of spreading foil over the back surface of a mirror or looking- glass; in geol. the property or quality in certain rocks, as gneiss, mica- schist, and other metamorphic rocks, of dividing into laminae or plates which consist each of a distinct material, and which are generally parallel to the primitive planes of stratification; " Cleavage may be applied to those divisional planes which render a rock fissile, although it may be applied to those divisional planes which render a rock fissile, although it may appear to the eye quite or nearly homogeneous; foliation may be used for those alternating layers or plates of different mineralogical nature, of which gneiss and other metamorphic schists are composed."- Derwin; in arch. the act of enriching with ornamental cusps, as in the tracery of Gothic windows; the ornaments themselves; feathering. This style of ornamentation is based on the form of natural foliage, but it generally exhibits coventional rather than real leaves and flowers.

part of speech: noun

The leafing of plants; the act of beating metal into thin plates; leaf or foil; the manner in which the young leaves of plants are arranged in the leaf- bud; in geol., the plates into which certain crystalline rocks are divided.

part of speech: noun

The act of leafing; the act or process of beating a metal into thin plates; the number of the leaves of a book.

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