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part of speech: noun

The act of rubbing the surface of one body against that of another; attrition; as, many bodies by friction emit light, and friction generates or evolves heat: in mech. the effect of rubbing, or the resistance which a moving body meets with from the surface on which it moves. Friction arises from the roughness of the surface of the body moved on and that of the moving body. No such thing can be found as perfect smoothness of surface in bodies. In every case there is, to a less or greater extent, a roughness or unevenness of the parts of the surface, arising from peculiar texture, porosity, and other causes, and therefore when two surfaces come together the prominent parts of the one fall into the cavities of the other. This tends to prevent or retard motion, for in dragging the one body over the other an exertion must be used to lift the prominences over the parts which oppose them.

part of speech: noun

The act of rubbing; the resistance producing by the rubbing of bodies against each other; attrition.

part of speech: noun

The act of rubbing; resistance caused by rubbing; irritation or disagreement caused by difference of opinion.

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