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Definitions of gallery:

part of speech: noun

A balcony surrounded by rails: a long passage: the upper floor of seats in a church or theatre: a room for the exhibition of works of art: ( fort.) a covered passage cut through the earth or masonry.

part of speech: noun

A long apartment serving as a communication to others; any long passage; the upper seats in a theatre: the raised floor round a church or public building; a collection of paintings, & c., and the place where they are arranged for inspection; in mining, a working drift or level from which the mineral has been excavated; in mil., a passage formed under ground.

part of speech: noun

A long narrow hall, or place for walking; the upper seats of a theater, church, assembly room, etc.; the occupants of such parts of a building; a building, or room, used for the exhibition of works of art, etc.; a covered passage in a work for defense or for communication; a balcony.

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