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part of speech: noun

A tough elastic substance of a grayish color, which becomes brown and brittle by drying, found in the flour of wheat and other grain. It contributes much to the nutritive quality of flour, and gives tenacity to its paste. A similar substance is found in the juices of certain plants. Gluten consists of gliadine, vegetable fibrine, and caseine, with sometimes a fatty substance. " Gluten exhibits the same percentage composition as the albuminoids; it is not, however, a simple proximate principle, but may be separated into two distinct substances, one soluble and the other insoluble in alcohol; and, according to Ritthausen, the portion soluble in alcohol may be further resolved into two substances, one called mucin or vegetable casein, the other glutin, gliadin, or vegetable gelatin; the portion insoluble in alcohol is called vegetable fibrin"- Watts, Dict, of Chem.

part of speech: noun

A tough substance obtained from wheat and other grains; in wax- painting, a compound made of wax and copal, with an essential oil with which the pigments are mixed.

part of speech: noun

A sticky substance, the most nutritious part of wheat and other grains, not apparent until the flour is mixed with water, as in dough.

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