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part of speech: noun

A large room or passage at the entrance of a house: a large chamber for public business: an edifice in which courts of justice are held: a manor- house ( so called because courts of justice used to be held in them): the edifice of a college: at Oxford, an unendowed college: at Cambridge, a college.

part of speech: noun

A large room; a large room at the entrance of a mansion- house or palace; a court- house; the name often given to the country residence of a nobleman or gentleman; the place of meeting and business of a corporation; the designation of certain colleges in the English universities.

part of speech: noun

A large building or room for the transaction of public business, entertainments, etc.; a court of justice; the passageway into a house; a college dining room; in early times, the main living room of a castle; a vestibule, entrance room, etc.

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