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Definitions of ill:

part of speech: adverb

Not well; not easily.

part of speech: adverb

As the first element of a compound, signifying " a negation" or " some bad quality connected with it"; not well; badly.

part of speech: superlative


part of speech: adverb

Not well: not rightly: with difficulty.

part of speech: adjective

Bad; evil; contrary to good; unfortunate; unfavourable; sick; unwell; cross; surly.

part of speech: adjective

When compounded with other words, expresses badness of quality or condition.

part of speech: noun

Evil: wickedness: misfortune.

part of speech: noun

Misfortune; disease; anything that prevents what is good; something morally bad; mischief.

part of speech: adjective

Bad or evil; contrary to good; causing or attended by evil or suffering; in a bad or disordered state physically or morally; sick; diseased; unfriendly; not proper; unskilful; vicious.

part of speech: noun

Evil; misfortune; wickedness.

part of speech: comparative


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