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Definitions of impress:

part of speech: noun

A mark made by bearing down upon; an image or figure; a mark of distinction; characteristic; stamp; an image fixed in the mind.

part of speech: noun

That which is made by pressure: stamp, likeness: device, motto.

part of speech: verb transitive

To mark, stamp, or print by putting force upon; to affect with force, or stamp deeply on, the mind; to imprint; as, to impress footsteps on wet sand; compel to enter the public service, as soldiers or sailors; formerly, to seize, by force, for British naval service; seize for the public service, as money or provisions.

part of speech: verb

To make a mark or figure by pressing; to stamp; to indent; to fix deep, as in the mind; to seize or employ for the public service.

part of speech: noun

A mark or figure made by pressing; a stamp; the image or figure of anything, as if formed by pressure.

part of speech: verb transitive

To press upon: to mark by pressure: to produce by pressure: to stamp: to fix deeply ( in the mind): to force into service, esp. the public service.

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