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part of speech: noun

The act of impressing: that which is produced by pressure: a single edition of a book: the effect of any object on the mind: idea: slight remembrance.

part of speech: noun

A mark; a copy; effects produced by external causes on the mind; idea; indistinct recollection; the total number printed at one time, as of a book; a single edition; a print from an engraved plate.

part of speech: noun

The mark made by a stamp or mold; as, the impression on a coin; style or character formed by outside force or influence; the mark or stamp which is the result of outside force or influence; an image in the mind caused by something outside it; the immediate effect produced upon the mind by a sensation, passion, or emotion; an indistinct or vague notion, remembrance, or belief; a copy taken by pressure from type; number of copies printed at once; edition.

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