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Definitions of interfere:

part of speech: verb intransitive

To come in collision: to intermeddle: to interpose: to act reciprocally- said of waves, rays of light, etc.

part of speech: verb

To interpose; to intermeddle; to take part in the business or concerns of others.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To enter into or meddle in the affairs of others; come into collision; injure the fetlock by striking it with the opposite hoof; ordinarily said of a horse.

part of speech: verb


Usage examples for interfere:

  • I will not interfere with Henri Larochejaquelin. "La Vendée An Historical Romance", Anthony Trollope
  • I do, sir, or I should not interfere "By What Authority?", Robert Hugh Benson
  • My dear Glencora, I never interfere "Phineas Redux", Anthony Trollope
  • How dare you interfere with me!" "The Box with the Broken Seals", E. Phillips Oppenheim
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