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Definitions of lantern:

part of speech: noun

A case for holding or carrying a light: a drum- shaped erection surmounting a dome to give light and to crown the fabric: the upper square cage which illuminates a corridor or gallery.

part of speech: noun

A perforated case for a candle or lamp; the upper part of a lighthouse; any erection on the top of a building or dome to give light; magic- lantern, an optical instr. by means of which small figures painted with transparent varnish, variously coloured, on slides of glass, are very largely magnified, seen in a darkened room on a wall or white screen.

part of speech: noun

A transparent case for holding or carrying a light; the lightroom of a lighthouse; a small tower on the roof of a building to admit and air.

part of speech: verb transitive

To furnish with a lantern.

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