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Definitions of limb:

part of speech: noun

The part of an animal joined, as it were, to the body, as an arm or a leg; the branch of a tree; in bot., the blade of the leaf; the broad part of a sepal or petal.

part of speech: verb transitive

To supply with limbs: to tear off the limbs.

part of speech: noun

The border or edge of the disc of a heavenly body, particularly of the sun or moon; the edge of a graduated circle in an instrument.

part of speech: noun

A jointed part in animals: a projecting part: a branch of a tree.

part of speech: noun

An edge or border, as of the sun, etc.: the edge of a sextant, etc.

part of speech: verb

To supply with limbs; to dismember.

part of speech: noun

A jointed part extending from an animal body, as a leg, an arm, or a wing; the branch of a tree.

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