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Definitions of lime:

part of speech: noun

A kind of citron or lemon tree and its fruit.

part of speech: noun

Any slimy or gluey material: birdlime: the white caustic earth from limestone, and used for cement.

part of speech: verb

To cover or manure with lime; to entangle; to ensnare.

part of speech: verb transitive

To apply quicklime to.

part of speech: verb transitive

To cover with lime: to cement: to manure with lime: to insnare.

part of speech: noun

The white caustic earth, used, when mixed with water, and most commonly with sand, as mortar or cement, obtained by burning limestone, chalk, marble, & c.; a species of lemontree and its fruit, so called from the glutinous juice of its young shoots.

part of speech: noun

A kind of white earth obtained by the action of heat upon limestone, having power to eat away any substance it touches; called also quicklime; a tree of the orange kind with a juicy, acid fruit; the linden tree.

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