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part of speech: noun

( fem. of MASTER), Awoman having power or ownership: the female head of a family, school, etc.: a woman well skilled in anything: a woman loved: a concubine: ( fem. of MISTER) a form of address ( usually written MRS. and pronounced MISSIS).

part of speech: noun

The fem. of master; a woman who instructs or governs a school; a female teacher; a woman who governs or holds authority; a woman beloved and courted; a title or term of address applied to a married untitled woman, now contracted into and written Mrs; the female head of a family; a concubine; a woman who holds something in possession; a woman who has skill in something.

part of speech: noun

A woman who has authority or who governs; the female head of a family, school, etc.; a woman well skilled in anything; a woman courted and beloved; sweetheart: Mistress, a title used before the name of a married woman; abbreviated, Mrs.

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