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Definitions of moving:

part of speech: adjective

Causing motion: changing position: affecting the feelings: pathetic.

part of speech: adjective / noun

Changing place; having motion; impelling; persuading; stirring the passions or affections; touching; fitted to excite the passions or the affections.

part of speech: participial adjective

Changing place or position; causing action; stirring the feelings; pathetic.

part of speech: adverb


Usage examples for moving:

  • It was indeed moving "The Enchanted Castle", E. Nesbit
  • Let us be moving "Green Fancy", George Barr McCutcheon
  • Yet her lips seemed to be moving "Missing", Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • " I don't know," said Anna- Felicitas again, still not moving "Christopher and Columbus", Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim
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