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part of speech: noun

One having the same name; one called or named after out of regard to another Christian name, the name that a person receives at baptism, being the first part of the name, as John, James, Margaret: surname, a name added to or over and above the Christian name, as Nisbet and Beattie, in the names Robert Nisbet and Wlliam beattie: in name, in profession; not in reality: in the name of, in behalf of; by the authority of: a proper name, in gram., a name that can be applied to one person or thing only of the same kind or class, as John, London, Europe: to call names, to use opprobrious or reproachful language in speakin to: totake a name in vain, to use the name lightly or profanely.

part of speech: noun

One bearing the same name as another for his sake.

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