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Definitions of never:

part of speech: adverb

Not ever: at no time: in no degree: not.

part of speech: adverb

Not ever;- at no time; in no degree, as, " and yet be never the worse"; not at all; not, as, " he answered him to never a word"; however, as, " charm he never so wisely"; in Scrip., ever, as, " ask me never so much dowry".

part of speech: adverb

Not ever; not at any time; in no degree or way: used for emphasis; as, never fear.

Usage examples for never:

  • We can never come to that. "Running Sands", Reginald Wright Kauffman
  • I never heard why." "Hetty Wesley", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • But you never are 'nervous, ' dear. "Mrs. Red Pepper", Grace S. Richmond
  • " I have never seen the man myself. "Max Carrados", Ernest Bramah
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