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part of speech: preposition

From or out from: belonging to: out of: among: proceeding from, so in the Litany and Nicene Creed: owing to: concerning: ( B. and Pr. Bk.) sometimes- by, from, on, or over.

part of speech: preposition

From; out of; belonging to; denoting possession or property; according to; denoting properties, qualities, or condition.

part of speech: preposition

From; as, to cure of a fever; rid of a nuisance; out of; as, he did it of necessity; about; concerning; as, talk of success; in; as, quick of speech; belonging to or connected with; as, the palace of the king; proceeding from; by; as, the plays of Shakespeare; showing kind, material, quality, measure, etc., as, a glass of milk; a woman of brains; a weight of ten pounds, etc.

part of speech: preposition

Another form of the prefix ob, which see.

Usage examples for Of:

  • Here is the truth of it. "One of Our Conquerors, Complete", George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  • " You think too much of that. "The Reverberator", Henry James
  • But of course I know. "Here and Hereafter", Barry Pain
  • Witichis, son of Waltaris." "A Struggle for Rome, Vol. 2 (of 3)", Felix Dahn
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