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part of speech: verb transitive

To stroke with the palm or hand: to conceal in the palm of the hand: ( esp. with off) to impose by fraud.

part of speech: noun

The yellow catkin of the willow, the branches of which, from the name, are carried on Easter Sunday to represent the palm- branches of the East.

part of speech: noun

The flat open front of the hand; the broad triangular part of an anchor at the extremlty of each arm; a measure of length of three inches; a sailmaker's thimble, so called from being held in the palm of the hand.

part of speech: verb

To touch with the hand; to conceal in or by the palm of the hand; to impose by fraud, usually followed by off, as, to palm off; to stroke with the hand.

part of speech: noun

The hollow inner part of the hand; a measure of length varying from three to four inches; a tropical tree of various species; a branch of the tree used as an emblem of victory or rejoicing.

part of speech: noun

A tree of hot climates of many species, branches of which in some countries were borne as tokens of victory or rejoicing; a symbol or evidence of superiority or success.

part of speech: verb transitive

To conceal in the closed hand, as in a sleight- of- hand trick; impose by fraud: With off; as, to palm off inferior goods on a purchaser.

part of speech: noun

The inner part of the hand: a tropical branchless tree of many varieties, bearing at the summit large leaves like the palm of the hand, borne in token of victory of rejoicing: ( fig.) triumph or victory.

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