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part of speech: verb transitive

To inclose in a ground for recreation; to station together.

part of speech: verb transitive

To inclose: to bring together in a body, as artillery.

part of speech: noun

A large tract of ground used as a public place for recreation; an artillery encampment.

part of speech: noun

An enclosed portion of grass- land in or near a town for amusement or exercise; the pasture and woodland surrounding a mansion- house; the train of heavy artillery, with carriages, ammunition, & c., which accompanies an army to the field; the whole collection of tools, & c., belonging to the engineer department of the army.

part of speech: verb

To enclose, as a park; to bring into a compact body, as artillery.

part of speech: noun

An inclosure: a tract surrounding a mansion: a piece of ground inclosed for recreation: ( mil.) a space in an encampment occupied by the artillery; hence, a collection of artillery, or stores in an encampment.

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