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part of speech: noun

A part of a greater number of persons: a faction: a company met for a particular purpose: an assembly: one concerned in any affair: a single individual spoken of: ( mil.) a detachment.

part of speech: noun

A number of persons united for a particular purpose; as, a political party; faction; one concerned in an affair, cause, or side; as, a party to a suit; a small body of troops sent to do some special service; as, a scouting party; a social gathering assembled by invitation; a select company.

part of speech: noun

A number of persons united in opinion or design in opposition to others belonging to the same body or community; a faction; one concerned or interested in an affair; one of two litigants; a particular person- but improperly so applied; a cause or a side; a select company or assembly; a small detachment of troops drawn from the main body.

part of speech: adjective

That concerns not the whole; in her., used with reference to the division of a field or charge.

part of speech: adjective

Belonging to a party and not to the whole: consisting of different parties, parts, or things: ( her.) parted or divided.

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