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part of speech: verb transitive

To push with a long road or staff. - Pole, a native of Poland.

part of speech: noun

A pale or pile: a long piece of wood: an instrument for measuring: a measure of length, 5 1/ 2 yards; in square measure, 80 1/ 4 yards.

part of speech: noun

A long staff; as, a flagpole; a measure equal to five and a half yards; one of the two ends of the axis of the earth; one of the two opposite points in a magnet.

part of speech: noun

A native of Poland.

part of speech: noun

A long, slender, piece of wood; a ong staff; a measure of length, 16 1/ 2 feet or 1/ 4 chain; in land- measure, 30 1/ 3 sqare yards; a mast.

part of speech: noun

That on which anything turns, as a pivot or axis: one of the ends of the axis of a sphere, esp. of the earth: ( physics) one of the two points of a body in which the attractive or repulsive energy is concentrated, as a magnet.

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