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part of speech: noun

That which is placed or laid down: that which may be affirmed: reality.

part of speech: noun

In mathematics, electricity, etc., that which is opposite to a negative.

part of speech: noun

That which is capable of being affirmed; reality; a word which affirms or asserts existence.

part of speech: adjective

Clearly expressed; leaving no doubt; actual; as, positive proof; confident; as, I am positive that this is so; strongly assertive; as, a positive manner; not negative; noting the simple form of an adjective; as, positive degree; in mathematics, reckoned as more than zero; as, a positive quantity; denoting that pole of a magnet which attracts; denoting one kind of electricity, or one end of an electric source:.

part of speech: adverb


part of speech: adjective

Not admitting any condition or discretion; opposed to negative; absolute; direct; explicit; not implied; real; over- confident in opinion or assertion; dogmatical; affirmative; settled by arbitrary appointment; very certain; in gram., applied to the state of an adjective, without any increase or diminution in its signification, indicated by a change in the form or termination.

part of speech: noun


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