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part of speech: noun

Strength: energy: faculty of the mind: any agency: moving force of anything: rule: authority: influence: ability: capacity: a ruler: a divinity: the result of the continued multiplication of a quantity by itself any given number of times: ( optics) magnifying strength: ( obs.) a great many.

part of speech: noun

State of being able to do or perform something; energy put forth; force; strength; rule; authority; state or nation; great influence; the rate at which mechanical energy is put forth; as, ten horse power; the result obtained by multiplying a number by itself; as, four is the second power of two.

part of speech: plural

A supernatural being or agent; in arith. and alg., the product arising from the multiplying of a quantity or number into itself one or more time; in law, a reservation in a deed or agreement; in mech., the moving force of a body or machine, or that which produces it; in optics, the maguifying strength.

part of speech: adjective

Possessing power, as a power- loom.

part of speech: noun

Ability; capacity; strength; energy; faculty or energy of mind; influence; rule or authority; a sovereign; one invested with authority.

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