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Definitions of pride:

part of speech: verb transitive

To indulge in selfesteem; as, to pride oneself.

part of speech: verb transitive

To take pride: to value ( followed by a reciprocal pron.).

part of speech: noun

Undue self- esteem; conceit; haughtiness; disdain; high and dignified; self- respect; that of which one is proud; the best or highest part of anything; loveliness; display.

part of speech: noun

An unreasonably high opinion of one's own superiority; insolence; rude treatment of others resulting from inordinate self- esteem; in a good sense, the noble and exalted pleasure springing from a consciousness of worth, upright conduct, or acts of benevolence; generous elation of heart; that of which men are proud, or which may excite boasting; splendour; ostentation.

part of speech: verb

To rate high; to value, as to pride one's self.

part of speech: noun

State or feeling of being proud: extreme self- esteem: haughtiness: noble self- esteem: that of which men are proud: that which excites boasting.

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