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part of speech: noun

That which proves: test: experiment: any process to discover or establish a truth: that which convinces: demonstration: evidence: condition of having been proved: firmness of mind: a certain strength of alcoholic spirits: ( print.) an impression taken for correction, also " proof- sheet": an early impression of an engraving.

part of speech: adjective

Able to resist something; impenetrable.

part of speech: noun

The means by which something is found to be true or correct; convincing evidence; a test or trial; in printing, an impression taken from type for correction; an early impression of an engraving.

part of speech: noun

Evidence; testimony; test; trial; any effort, process, or operation to ascertain truth; that which convinces the mind and produces belief; capacity of resistance, as fire- proof, water- proof; firmness or stability of mind; a standard strength of spirit, containing nearly equal weights of pure alcohol and water; an impression taken from a form of type, or from an engraved plate, for examination and correction.

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