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Definitions of pulse:

part of speech: noun

Grain or seed of beans, pease, etc.

part of speech: adjective


part of speech: noun

Grain contained in a pod or case.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To beat or throb, as the blood in the veins.

part of speech: noun

A beating: a throb: a vibration: the beating of the heart and the arteries.

part of speech: noun

The alternate contractions and dilatations of an artery, caused by the action of the heart, and perceptible to the touch; a throb; any measured or regular beat.

part of speech: noun

The throbbing or beating in the arteries due to the contractions of the heart; a stroke or beat occurring at regular intervals; as, the pulse of an engine; plants such as peas, beans, etc., and the seeds of them used for food.

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