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part of speech: noun

Family: the descendants of a common ancestor: a breed or variety: a herd: peculiar flavor or strength, as of wine, showing its kind.

part of speech: noun

A continued series of descendants from a parent, called the " stock"; a family; a particular breed, sort, or variety; in bot., a permanent variety; the particular strength, taste, or flavour of wine, indicating its kind and origin; smack- see under racy.

part of speech: noun

A strong rapid current of water; also, its channel; as, a mill race; a contest of speed, as in running, swimming, etc.; length of life or career; as, my race is run; breed; a class of beings having similar qualities; as, the human race; a division of human beings; as, the white race; a nation; as, the English race; family line; as, the race of Stuart kings.

part of speech: noun

A running: rapid motion: trial of speed: progress: movement of any kind: course of action: a rapid current: a canal to a water- wheel.

part of speech: verb

To run swiftly; to run or contend in a race.

part of speech: noun

A rapid course, whether of animals or of waters; any running with speed; a contest in running; progress; course; career; the tide- wave when arrested by a promontory, and caused to flow off obliquely with considerable velocity, as the " race of Portland"; the water- course leading to a water- wheel.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To run swiftly: to contend in running.

part of speech: verb transitive

To cause to move swiftly in a contest of speed; to drive at great speed; as, to race a horse; to run with, in a speed contest.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To run swiftly; contend in running; to run, as an engine, too fast, because of a lightened load.

part of speech: plural

A meeting of horses to contend against each other in running.

part of speech: noun

A root.

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