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part of speech: verb transitive

To enter in a register: to record.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To write one's name in a list or record.

part of speech: verb

To enter, or cause to be entered, in the record- book; to enrol.

part of speech: verb transitive

To enter in a list or record; enroll; record; as, to register one's name; to mark a record of; as, the thermometer registers 80 degrees.

part of speech: noun

A written record, regularly kept: the book containing the register: that which registers or records: that which regulates, as the damper of a furnace or stove: a stop or range of pipes on the organ, etc: the compass of a voice or of a musical instrument..

part of speech: noun

A written account, or entries in a book, of acts or proceedings for preservation and for reference; a record; the book in which the record is kept; that which regulates or adjusts; a written document issued to captains of foreign- bound vessels as evidence of nationality; in printing, a regulation of the forms, by which the lines of pages on one side of a sheet are printed exactly on the back of those on the other side; one of the inner parts of the mould in which printing- types are cast; the compass of a voice or instrument; in an organ, a sliding piece of wood perforated with a number of holes for regulating the admission of wind into the pipes; a stopper or sliding- plate for regulating the heat of a fire.

part of speech: noun

An official written record; as, a register of births; the book containing such record; as, a school register; that which records; as, a cash register; a device for admitting heated air to an apartment; musical compass or range of a voice or instrument.

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