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part of speech: verb transitive

To bring back, as an answer or account of anything: to give an account of: to relate: to circulate publicly: to write down or take notes of, esp. for a newspaper.

part of speech: noun

An account or statement circulated; that which is noised about respecting a thing; common fame; noise, as of a gun; an official statement of facts; a statement of proceedings, & c.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To make a statement: to write an account of occurrences.

part of speech: noun

A statement of facts: description: a formal or official statement, esp. of a judicial opinion or decision: rumor: sound: noise: ( B.) reputation.

part of speech: noun

An official presentation of facts; as, a government report; a written or verbal statement telling of events, transactions, etc.; as, a report of a meeting; something widely talked of; hearsay; as, it is common report; fame; reputation; as, to win good report; a loud, sudden noise; as, the report of a pistol.

part of speech: verb

To bear or bring back, as an answer; to give an account of; to relate; to make a statement of facts; to follow the business of a reporter.

part of speech: verb transitive

To present an account of; as, to report the work of a committee; make a verbal or written statement about; as, to report the news of the day; relate; tell; circulate publicly; make a formal statement of; as, to report a balance; make a charge against; as, to report a pupil for misconduct.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To make or present a prepared statement; be in attendance at a given place; as, to report for duty.

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