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Definitions of repose:

part of speech: verb transitive

To lay at rest: to compose: to place in trust ( with on or in).

part of speech: noun

State of sleep; rest; quiet; rest of mind; in paint., certain parts in the composition of a picture which seem to tranquillise its aspect.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To rest: to sleep: to rest in confidence ( with on or upon): to lie.

part of speech: noun

A lying at rest: sleep: quiet: rest of mind: ( fine art) that harmony which gives rest to the eye.

part of speech: noun

Sleep; rest; calmness; ease of manner.

part of speech: verb

To lay or be at rest; to place or rest in, as confidence; to sleep; to recline; to rely, with in or on.

part of speech: verb transitive

To place in a position to rest; refresh by rest; to cause to depend; with in or on; as, to repose confidence in God.

part of speech: verb intransitive

To sleep; to lie at rest; to confide; to be calm or peaceful.

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